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Hoe treurig het ook is, zelfs wiki's over fan-made games worden tegenwoordig door spambots oid vol gegooid met allerlei onzin. Zo ook onze Nexus Adventures wiki. Hoewel ik de blogs als admin zijnde al heb verwijderd, vond ik het opzich wel grappig om te lezen en zal ik ze hier neerplempen:

How to make your kitchen look unique?

The kitchen serves many useful purposes. Right from preparing meals to having intimate conversations with family members, the kitchen is the hub of all activities in a home. Considering the significance of the kitchen in your home, it is essential to design it in an attractive way. Adding personal touches and giving it a unique look will go a long way when it comes to making the kitchen visually-appealing and comfortable. Below are some of the tips that may prove to be useful when it comes to giving your kitchen a unique look-
Choose a theme for your kitchen. This is one of the best ways to make your kitchen stand out. Italian kitchen design, for example, can give your kitchen space classic and natural appearance. To create a traditional Italian kitchen, shades of red, gold, orange and yellow can be used. These kitchens have a distinct rustic charm. Many natural elements and antique items are used in Italian kitchens. French country style kitchen can also be a good option.
Displaying artworks is one of the best ways to add a personal touch and give your kitchen a distinct look. From beautiful wall hangings to dried herbs and flowers, there are many things that can be kept in the kitchen to enhance its appearance.
Transforming the cabinets is one of the simplest ways to give your kitchen a new look. Kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Installing beautiful kitchen cabinets will turn your drab kitchen into a bright, cheerful space.
Having a dedicated conversation area for guests is an excellent way to give your kitchen a unique look. However, due to space constraints, this may not be feasible in many homes. If you’re unable to allocate a separate area for guests in the kitchen, you can simply place a couple of small bar stools in one corner of the kitchen.
Depending upon the amount of space available, you can have a kitchen island installed. You can also keep a table and chairs in the work area. This will make your kitchen look visually-appealing and will also make it easier for you to perform small tasks like chopping vegetables.
Allowing more natural light, using attractive sources of artificial light and re-painting the walls are some of the other ways to make your kitchen attractive. If you’re based in San Francisco, you can easily avail the services offered by professional kitchen design companies. The services provided by kitchen designers in SF can turn your kitchen into a beautiful and comfortable space.

Window Treatments: From Furnished to Finished without getting over budgeted

People tend to make budget for big things during home makeover, but in reality, it costs more to make a room look finished from furnished. Adding a little style to your home interior will not require wads of cash. You can use money wisely by incorporating creative solutions. Updating your home without breaking the set budget can be rewarding for you. If you fail to plan for important things such as window treatments, then you will either end up with unfinished interior or cross your estimated budget.
You can consider the following tips to create a luxurious room without going over budgeted.
#1 Work on window details
You can save big by lining less expensive panels with custom curtains. This gives your room a floor to ceiling effect, which will make the room look taller and bigger. Custom draperies and curtains are classic window treatments that suit every decorating style. The soft materials and fabrics available with curtains create a focal point that is sophisticated and welcoming. Incorporate different color, texture and style with custom curtains to add a sense of comfort and warmth to a room. Bring a splash of life to a quiet room by purchasing best custom curtains from window treatment providers in New York City (NYC) area.
#2 Curate to decorate
Just pare down what’s on hand. Your creative mind can make things that will turn your drab room into lively one. Styling cotton curtains or draperies will immediately transform your room without a lot of money. With a little ingenuity, you can get the look of custom made window treatments at low cost. Choose simple items that have special visual appeal and add extra nice warm fuzzies to the draperies.
#3 Play with colors
Color, pattern, and texture of curtains can transform the entire look and feel of a room. Consider experimenting with bold or patterned curtain fabrics. For the best effect, select drapery colors that are vibrant and extravagant.
#4 Sheer curtains for light
Don’t think that only expensive lighting system can create a luxe room. Natural lighting can brighten even the darkest, dingiest room. Curtains are a good choice for an uncluttered look as they create modern look. Sheer curtains can serve dual purpose for your room. They will filter sunlight to some extent during bright sunny days and will also allow natural light to enter the room during winter season.
You can personalize your space with even small touches. You should always pick window treatments that accommodate your big or small budget. It is possible for you to make a great impression by adding tasteful colors, custom curtains and window shades while renovating your house without crossing the budget limit.

En dan te bedenken dat er ooit iemand was die dit alles getypt heeft ;(

Vaarwel rare reclameachtige cultteksten, niemand zal je missen :Y)

(P.S.: Als iemand zich ergert aan deze blogpost, laat het even weten en ik zal hem verwijderen. Het is natuurlijk geen echte goede kwaliteitsblog, maar ik vond het wel grappig leesvoer ;) )

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